LUTO is a filipino inspired supper club.



I am a London born Filipina, a well seasoned eater and now a cook. LUTO is an edible showcase of my rediscovery of Filipino food.

LUTO is a once monthly event transporting you to my motherland, the Philippines.

Taking influence from the heritage of the several thousand islands of the Philippines and their history.

You will be presented with a reiteration of national classics in a British context, lovingly translated with western seasonal ingredients and processes.

But always at the heart of it all it is true to it's roots.

LUTO was founded in December 2015 and two years later partnered with Amelie Andre. Previously we met and worked at the Quality Chop House as general manager and sous chef, respectively.

Amelie expertly handles front of house and tailor makes the drinks list for each event. Both with a penchant for natural wines, there is always a nod to these which pair very well with the sharp and umami driven Filipino dishes.